Wastewater Phosphorus Control & Reduction Initiative

In fall of 2001, MESERB members agreed to develop a “Phosphorus Initiative” to evaluate different municipal wastewater treatment phosphorus reduction efforts and analyze the costs, level of reduction, and improvements to water quality associated with the different treatment methods.

In 2003, MESERB received a $296,000 grant from the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR) for the Wastewater Phosphorus Control and Reduction Initiative. The project ran from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2005 and had three phases:

  1. Site examination and data review of the participating facilities
  2. Preparation of a best practices report detailing low-cost, high-efficiency phosphorus reduction methods
  3. Presentation and discussion of the report in two regional seminars

The Wastewater Phosphorus Control and Reduction Initiative report can be found below:

The LCMR also granted $244,000 to the MPCA for a study of non-ingested phosphorus sources to surface waters. The MPCA submitted its report to the Legislature on February 26, 2004. This report, titled Detailed Assessment of Phosphorus Sources to Minnesota Watersheds, can be accessed on the MPCA website.